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Case Studies

  • Situation
    A human resource professional assumed a new position as director of compensation and benefits for a major investment banking company....


Welcome to TPG Staffing

TPG Staffing is a national staffing company providing businesses with customized staffing and HR solutions packages. Staying ahead of the competition and continuing to grow in today’s global economy requires your company to exercise prudent yet creative thinking to ensure an optimal and cost-effective workforce.  Our 30-plus years of human resource experience and constant analysis of national trends in the staffing and employment landscapes set us apart from all other staffing companies, and enable us to help our clients develop, hire and retain quality and enthusiastic employee teams. TPG Staffing supplies qualified candidates for both temporary and direct-hire positions. 

Personalized Staffing Solutions for Maximum Results

TPG Staffing recognizes the importance of a customized approach to building and managing the best possible staff. Whether you need us to build a team from the ground up, recruit contingent talent for specialized projects or manage your payroll, we’re here as an ally and advisor in your company’s continued proliferation. Our integrated and comprehensive methods ensure strength in every area of your company’s recruitment operations, so you’re never playing catch-up or missing output goals.  

Next-Level Customer Service

A relationship with TPG Staffing means a lasting advocate, from the moment we sit down with you to establish your company’s staffing needs, through the development and execution of your customized strategy right on through the continued personalized monitoring of your progress. Your company never has to worry about getting bogged down in problems with turnover rate, payroll management and fruitless recruitment initiatives. Allow us to take the guesswork out of the staffing process by finding, developing and managing the best professionals at all levels.